What Our Customers Say
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“The course content are extremely relevant to the syllabus I am studying (Edexcel) , the approach in explaining different principles by using real exam-style questions is what I always favored, my teacher now saw my progress, I’ve already moved up to the top set. I can not thank you enough.”
— Shaoping
“This was the best revision program — that I have ever taken. it really helped me to get my Grade A, Really appreciated and enjoyed it.”
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“Maths was never my best suit, but seriously, I now understand stuff I didn’t get at school, simply amazing.”
— Ali
“First of all, I think GMR is a fantastic resource, my daughter has asked me less to support with her homework after the purchase of GMR, sometimes we watch these training videos together, and they are excellent. A teacher-led Revision e-learning system coupled with revision guidance worked for my daughter, I would highly recommend it to anyone who is in desperate needs to improve their kids’ Maths score. ”
— Karen. M

“I used your Premium program to revise for my Maths exam and I couldn’t be happier with the results. The learning experience is awesome. Me and my sister tried a number of revision options and found GMR to have the most complete offering.”
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“The questions in Homework package is literally almost all exam style questions you would find on your exam papers, i found they are the much harder ones not covered a lot in other revision guides. & GMR did a great job in those explanatory videos.”
— Diana